CMET provides flexible pathways for recertification that

fit your practice, lifestyle and professional experience.

2024 Credential Update

CMET has recently revised examination eligibility, recertification criteria, and available credentials for the year 2024.

For those Certified Before 2024:

  • Holders of an active FAPWHc or DAPWHc credential are eligible to utilize the CWHP or CWHAP credential.
  • Active APWH members can now combine their APWH designation with the FAPWHc or DAPWHc credential alongside their CMET certification.
  • The recertification period remains at 7 years until recertification, after which it will convert to a 5-year cycle.

Candidates may recertify up to 1 year before the recertification due date. To be eligible to sit for the exam: 

  • Active unrestricted license. 
  • Obtained 7 accredited CMEs each year, totaling 35 during the 5-year certification period. 
  • Complete the recertification application and pay fees. 
  • If required, pass the certification exam. 
  • If required, submit supporting documentation.

Candidates who fail to recertify before the due date are considered lapsed and will no longer be permitted to use the credential(s). A grace period of up to 90 days may be awarded when pre-arranged before the expiration date. Lapsed candidates must -reapply as new candidates.


Path 1

Path 2

Path 3

By Examination

  • Simply re-take and pass the Physicians Certification Exam.

By Education

  • No exam needed. Complete the APWH Prescribers Advanced Wound Management Course. Coming Soon!

By Presentation/Publication

  • Complete and submit two from any of the choices (A-D) below. Case studies, articles, lectures, and posters/abstracts are accepted. Materials must be submitted in digital format. (PDF, PPT, MP4, or other digital formats).
  1. Case study presentation/documentation of five complex wound cases.
    • Patients must have been seen and treated within the past five years. CMET prefers the past year. (reference appendix: Submission guidelines).
  2. Publication of one (1) wound care article in a peer-reviewed journal, PubMed indexed and approved by CMET.
  3. Presentation of two lectures at two different wound care events.
    • The same lecture cannot be used twice.
  4. Presentation of a poster or oral abstract at a wound care event.
    • If submitting two abstracts, they must be on different wound care topics such as two different treatments for infection.
    • The two abstracts can also be on the same topic if they demonstrate the continuation of primary research.